JCPenny Store Hours

Originally from the Downtown Area and now in Suburban shopping malls, J.C. Penny has its department store in more than 840 locations in all 49 United States and Puerto Rico. The name J.C. Penny is an abbreviated form of James Cash Penny founded by James Cash Penny and Sir William Henry McManus on 14th April 1902.

Today, JCP headquarters are located in Plano, Texas, 6501 Legacy Drive, and several other areas in the United States. In Penny’s chain of department stores, you can buy all kinds of products and clothing at a lower price with special offers and discounts.

J.C. Penny Store Working Hours

JCPenny has flexible hours that vary from store to store located across the United States and Puerto Rico. You can go to the official J.C. Penny website ‘’ and check the working hours of the store using the J.C. Penny store locator.

You can follow the steps mentioned below and find the nearest J.C. Penny store’s working hours.

  1. Open the web browser on your device and the website
  2. The J.C. Penny store locator will open, then you need to look for the ‘Search for a store’ field
  3. Now, enter the name of your city or the Zipcode and click on the ‘Search’ button
  4. At last, it will show you the list of nearby Penny stores with their working hours
  5. From this page you can also check other features and things you’re interested in.

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